Broadband Acceleration Grant 3.0 applicants have an opportunity to respond to the public comments received for their proposed grant projects as submitted to the Kansas Office of Broadband Development. Responses regarding concerns or supporting comments may be submitted through 11:59 p.m. CST on September 26, 2023, and will be considered in final grant evaluations conducted by the Kansas Office of Broadband Development. Thank you for your engagement in this process and efforts to expand broadband access in Kansas.

Thank you for providing public comments regarding the Kansas CPF Infrastructure Program application. The Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD) greatly appreciates your participation in this process to ensure that grant funds are directed to areas lacking broadband services. Your public comment as a challenger enabled KOBD to direct grant funds to communities in need of broadband services and where broadband projects have not been planned with private funds. KOBD is excited about your efforts to expand broadband to underserved Kansans. Please note that each public comment will require its own submission that will be identified by the public comment number. Your input is critical to ensuring that all Kansans have access to high-speed broadband services in the future.

Broadband- KDC